urban occupation event 

the aim of the event is to motivate citizens to occupy urban spaces in the city.
"vem pra praça" (in Portuguese, “come to the square") is the way jewellery designer Jack Vartanian (who adopted Homero Vaz Square) calls the events he and Farah Service throw every year.


Jack Vartanian


the events count on:
  • gastronomic
  • musical
  • artistic attractions


I live near Central Park, in New York. when I walk on the streets, I see people using public spaces. on park avenue as well - there are even sculpture exhibitions in beds between avenues. nobody locks themselves in condos and clubs like in Brazil


his square got an exclusive sculpture-bench designed by Argentine artist Pablo Reinoso. Its placement was only made possible by means of an auction, in which people donate any amount of money and is granted with a segment of the work in the square.


Designer Jack Vartanian and the mini sculpture.

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